We are excited to Introduce

The most Powerful and Versatile Home Automation System in Legal, Indian Z-Wave frequency for the Indian market

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Currently, the FIBARO system is the best building automation solution available on the market.

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It offers a non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need to run meters of cables. Our miniaturized modules can be installed in any wall switch box,behind a light switch, roller blind switch, etc., and are compatible with every electrical system.It is the only system available on the market capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire (old-type electrical systems).

FIBARO devices do not connect permanently to building’s infrastructure. So, if you wish to redecorate your apartment, take down some walls and change the interior design concept… It’s not a problem. Just do it. Simply take out any given module from the wall and install it in a new location. Thanks to mesh network, the module will update its location and resume cooperation with remaining system components.

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Compatibility and the Z-Wave technology

FIBARO offers full freedom of control and communication, as it is compatible with majority of mobile phones available on the market.

FIBARO is compatible with wireless products from nearly 300 independent manufacturers and with all other devices, which may be controlled using systems manufactured by our competitors.

It is compatible with all IP cameras available on the market – upon detecting an incident, the system will send a picture or a video to your mobile phone.

The Intelligent System

FIBARO System checks and monitors status of individual devices and, if necessary,informs you of an incident. It is the only system on the market which knows an exact position of a pulled-up roller blind or an awning, etc. It updates automatically.It automatically creates backup copies of saved settings and sends them to external servers. Battery-powered components will inform you well in advance of the need to change energy source. If you go on holiday and forget to turn the heating off,Fibaro will send you a message asking if it should do it for you.

The graphic interface

It is the only system with a simple configuration interface allowing you to change dependencies between devices, scenes and the entire system intelligence from any computer at any time, without any specialist software or the need to call technical service.


FIBARO System can be integrated with an existing alarm system.

Each system component may operate independently of the central unit. If the central unit is damaged and the system detects e.g. a fire, each component will decide independently whether to pull up roller blinds, open the windows, doors, activate smoke venting system, etc. You don’t need a VPN connection or a static IP address to remotely control the system.

FIBARO System can be integrated with an existing alarm system.

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Control the system from every TV with a HDMI connection.
You are having a quiet evening at home watching a movie, when there is a knock on the door. The movie is paused, lights go on with 30% brightness in the living room and 100% brightness in front of the house. The picture from camera in front of the house appears on your TV screen. You pick up the phone, on which you can see a picture close-up, you have a short conversation and then you open the gate with just one click.

Watch videos and managing your private video library.
You can access your favorite videos from wherever your TV is.

Listen to your favorite music in any room, thanks to non-invasive audio multi-room.
Imagine… you enter the living room and your favorite music starts playing. You walk into the kitchen, sensor detects your presence and kitchen radio starts playing the same music. But there’s more… In the event of fire, all audio devices will play specific message to warn your family.

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With FIBARO you can access a large database of service providers, allowing you to immediately respond to any failure in the house. For instance, in case of washing machine leak, the system will automatically provide you with list of plumbers in your neighborhood, along with their contact details, letting you call one of them immediately.*


The system will be integrated with the largest online stores. When you shop regularly,you waste a lot of time standing in lines at the check-outs. Spend this time with your family instead – Fibaro will do the shopping, pay for it and inform you of the delivery, as soon as the courier arrives.

FIBARO’s unique values

We wanted to create a solution available for everyone, therefore, we have developed a top-quality product at a reasonable price. According to data from March 2011,our product is the least expensive of all the competing products in this group available on the world’s market.

FIBARO is a system created by both enthusiasts and practitioners of intelligent building technology.

With the FIBARO System, you can define scenes and configure dependencies between particular devices by yourself, according to specific incidents, without the need to call any specialist. You will do it in no time, and if you do not like the outcome or simply change your mind, you can reconfigure the system at home or at work within seconds. See how simple it is! * This functionality will be available only in selected countries.

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[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Dimmer 2″ subtitle=”” picture=”24132″]
[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Roller Shutter 2″ subtitle=”” picture=”24133″]
[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Universal Binary Sensor” subtitle=”” picture=”24134″]
[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Flood Sensor” subtitle=”” picture=”24135″]
[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Bypass 2″ subtitle=”” picture=”24136″]
[boc_image_box title=”FIBARO Starter Kit” subtitle=”” picture=”24137″]
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Home Center 2

Home Center 2 (HC2) is the brain to the FIBARO Intelligence System and can be used with other existing Z-Wave automation devices. HC2 was designed and developed by our engineers, giving us the ability to implement many unique features never seen before in other Z-Wave gateways. HC2 redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces real Home Intelligence.

Home Center 2 by FIBARO isn’t just an electronic device. It’s also well designed,innovative and user friendly interface, featuring functions never seen before.

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Exclusive aluminium casing

We have put a huge emphasis on styling and quality, so that Home Center 2 by FIBARO pleases you from the first time you look at it. Home Center 2 is made of solid aluminum,making it very elegant in appearance with true innovation inside.

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Extremely quick and efficient hardware structure

Intel Atom 1,6Ghz Processor
You are having a quiet evening at home watching a movie, when there is a knock on the door. The movie is paused, lights go on with 30% brightness in the living room and 100% brightness in front of the house. The picture from camera in front of the house appears on your TV screen. You pick up the phone, on which you can see a picture close-up, you have a short conversation and then you open the gate with just one click.

4GB MLC Recovery Disc
Gives you significantly improved data security thanks to FIBARO’s proprietary approach to data protection. Each Home Center 2 has its own Recovery disc for system backup unique to each gateway. This completely prevents unauthorized access to the system. Another advantage of the HC2 is quick and simple back up recovery securing all of your settings.

1GB RAM, 2GB SLC Hard Drive
Large memory + fast processor = quick communication between HC2 and Z-Wave devices. The hardware architecture used in the FIBARO HC2 makes Z-Wave based home automation communication faster and unique.

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Quick and easy installation

Connect wires as shown in below figure.
Plug the power cord to the POWER and the network cable to LAN port

After ca.2 minutes from connecting to power socket, Home Center 2 is ready to operate. By default, Home Center 2 waits to get an IP address from Your DHCP server. If unsure, hold RECOVERY button for a while when power on. By doing this Home Center 2 will automatically get static IP To access the control panel, type the Home Center 2 IP address in your web browser’s address bar.

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New possibilities thanks to Linked Devices

Home Center 2 “Linked Devices” function lets you combine multiple devices into one virtual device with combined functionality – for example 3 heater thermostats plus temperature and humidity sensors. The primary advantage of this feature is the convenience of being able to control multiple devices at the same time at the press of one button.The second advantage is reducing the number of device icons in the user interface.

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Great comfort thanks to Devices Panels

The Home Center 2 interface gives you easy control over certain groups of devices responsible for the same functionality -heating, air conditioning and garden watering. Thanks to Devices screen, you can easily schedule operations for these groups of devices based on the day of the week or the time of day.

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Geo localization

Home Center 2 gives You another unique functionality – finding Your family members. Now You can always know where are Your children, without the need to call them each 5 minutes. Home Center 2 will get their localization for You.

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Advanced Scenes

Home Center 2 offers new approach to scenes. Now scenes may be conditioned on any, user defined variable.

If raining:
– close roof windows,
– turn garden sprinklers OFF,
– set “it rained” variable to 1.

Example Scene 2 “Turn garden sprinklers on at 6:00 am”
– close roof windows,
– turn garden sprinklers OFF,
– set “it rained” variable to 1.

Each day at 6:00 am check if “it rained” (user defined variable).
If not (“it rained” variable = 0) – turn the sprinklers ON.

Example Scene 3 “Reset variable”

If “it rained” and 12 hours passed from that time:
– set “it rained” variable value to 0.

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Inspired by nature

Beauty comes from nature, advanced technology from people. FIBARO extracts the essence of both and creates perfection. In conjunction with the immutable laws of architecture and the latest technology, the FIBARO Motion Sensor was created – your eye on the home. Inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, we have designed the world’s smallest, wireless motion sensor and shaped it like a cat’s eye.

For centuries the cat symbolized a guardian of people and the home. Additionally, it is known as a predator with excellent eyesight, above average hearing and exceptional vigilance. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is as sharp as a cat’s eye; it sees farther so it can notice what you are unable to see. It has a wide field of view,long range and is incredibly vigilant. Not only will it make your life more comfortable,but it will also make you feel safer.


In taking up the challenge of innovation, we have developed an intelligent work of art that combines four useful functions to give you MORE. This tiny device, apart from detecting movement, measures the current ambient temperature, intensity of light and vibrations thanks to its built-in accelerometer.

The FIBARO Motion Sensor expands the comfort of your reality. Create custom scenarios,so you can forget about nasty situations and enjoy the luxury of safety – its watchful eye will detect any intrusion or attempted sabotage, fire or other threats. Now you know and see more!

Colour announces movement and temperature